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Comprehensive Solution for Design Engineering and Innovation in Cold Form Steel Framing Structure around the Globe


Steelsoft works on projects worldwide in cold-formed steel framing design, and finish system designs. Steelsoft has one of the largest cold-formed steel engineering experience by delivering thousands of projects, complementing our overall structural engineering practice.


Steelsoft has a niche expertise in cold-formed steel engineering (also called as light gauge steel engineering) projects and provides design to construction services to architect, cold-formed steel manufacturer, builders, developers, and general contractors on projects around the globe.


Steelsoft’s cold-formed steel engineering group leaders have been active in various cold-formed steel association and institution for better part of careers resulting broad experience in Numerical modelling to experimental modelling for cold-form steel structure.


At steelsoft, we’ve been designing and building with LGS framing since inception. Working closely with developers, architects and builders for a long period of time, we understand the unique challenges and project requirements that are required to be overcome. Our smarter building solutions have resulted in time, cost and labour savings right across multi-level townhouses, top level structures, aged care, educational projects and other commercial developments. If you're unfamiliar with cold-formed steel (CFS) framing or simply haven't used in a while, steelsoft gives you several applications using cold-formed steel in various building structures.


Roof Top structures

LGSF is the best Technology for roof top extension due to it's light weight properties.
To reduce heating by improving thermal insulation.
To overcome leakage problems.
To improve appearance of existing building.


Townhome & Apartment

For the speedy construction and large townships LGSF has done remarkable work. It is also used for mass housing projects.


Hotel & Resort

Architechural appearance plays major role in hotel and resort which can easily achieve by LGSF technology.


Office & Commercial

The most important aspect for commercial building is floor area. With the help of LGSF smaller section it is easily achievable


Quick Response Building

As cold-formed steel (CFS) framing is lightweight, extremly strong, noncombustible and relatively easy to install.


Modular & Stack Structure

The world is being smart & fast so that the construction technology too. Modular construction is the fastest & easiest way to achieve future demand. LGSF is the best possible way for it.


Solar Mounting Structure

Renewable energy sources are the future for globe. In which solar energy is most widely used.LGSF technology can be used for the framing of solar panels.


Facade Structures

Facade is a non structural element facing lateral load in the exterior part of building LGSF can be used as a facade in all type of buildings & give better results than other.

Design Globally


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